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4 transducer Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling System.


The HD100 is a four transducer unit engineered as a stand-alone system which can be used to add antifouling protection to hulls, drives, rudders, stabilizers, and more. When used alone, it can provide ultrasonic antifouling protection for hulls up to 48ft in length, or a combination of 2 drives and 2 rudders when used for drives and stern gear. As with all Hull Shield products, the HD100 can be supplemented with additional systems to provide effective protection for vessels of any size.


  • Effectively halts hard fouling and barnacle growth
  • significantly slows algea and biofilm accumulation on your hull
  • Improves performance and fuel efficiency
  • Save money and fewer haul-outs & spend less time cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly and ocean safe
  • Easy installation


Protects 800 sqft (50'LOA)


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Excluding Sales Tax
  • Upon reciept of an order we determine the package size and weight and will contact you with the cost to ship using Canada Post.

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