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Propeller Sales

     Whether we make them ourselves or supply them from another manufacturer.  Osborne is your professional source for new propellers.  Osborne is set up to design and build or source and supply propellers for all types of vessels.  We've negotiated with many of the worlds leading propeller manufacturing companies enabling us to supply propellers from their own design catalogues. With a wide selection of propeller designs for different vessel types and with options for all material types and class approvals.....we have you covered.


     Since 1935 our own specialty has been designing and making heavy duty propellers for large displacement vessels. From exploration yachts to ship handling tugs our propellers have shipped all over the world. An Osborne custom propeller is typically designed to be durable and have heavier sections from root to tip.  With beefier leading and trailing edges and overbuilt root sections and tips, our propellers stand up to the most severe operating conditions.

     But we're not all brute strength and no finesse.  Even our largest workboat propellers can be cut directly from our design files on advanced CNC and Robotic machining centers. Our standard workboat wheel is built to Class 1 or better tolerances making them smooth, quiet and efficient.

All propeller sizing for New propeller selection or modification is done as a convenience to the customer using customer supplied data, specialized software and on the job experience. There is NO guarantee of performance of any kind. For critical projects we recommend using a naval architect

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